McDonald's "Rice Spicy Dabuchi"

McDonald's will sell "Rice Spicy Dabuchi", a new product in the "Rice Burger" series. From October 27th, "Night Mac" limited and limited time from 5 pm.

Rice spicy dabuchi

The new product "Rice Spicy Dabuchi" is a product that you can enjoy a different taste from "Spicy Dabuchi", which is a rice bun that gently wraps the stimulating spiciness and rich and rich taste of "Spicy Dabuchi" which was popular last year. .. With bright red spicy cheese with habanero powder and spicy seasoning with spicy jalapeno, it goes well with two juicy 100% beef patties and fragrant soy sauce-flavored rice buns. The price is 440 yen (tax included) separately.

Rice burger

McDonald's "Rice Spicy Dabuchi"

The "Rice Burger" series is currently on sale with "Rice Chicken Garlic Peppercorn" and "Rice Shrimp Spicy Tailoring". "Rice chicken garlic black pepper" is a combination of crispy and lightly battered chicken patties with garlic black pepper sauce with garlic flavor and black pepper. "Rice shrimp spicy tailoring" is the first product using shrimp cutlet of rice burger, and combines the spicy spiciness of red pepper and the special spicy sauce with garlic flavor in the shrimp cutlet that you can enjoy the plump texture. It is a thing.