McDonald's rice burger is back

The long-awaited revival of "rice burgers" at each McDonald's store. Three types of rice, "Rice Teriyaki," "Rice Bacon Lettuce," and "Rice Chicken Phileo," will be on sale for a limited time from 17:00 on October 7 (excluding some stores). Limited time until early November.

The rice burger appeared as a new product of "Night Mac", which is sold only for dinner from 17:00 to the closing of the store every day in February this year, and it was discontinued early due to the popularity that greatly exceeded expectations. You can enjoy the new taste of buns that have been transformed into special "rice buns" while keeping the ingredients and seasonings of the standard burger.

"Teriyaki" is a teriyaki burger made by entwining soy sauce-flavored sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce with delicious pork patties and adding crispy lettuce and sweet lemon sauce, and 100% domestic rice is cooked plumply. A savory soy sauce-flavored special rice sandwiched with teriyaki. The single item price is 390 yen (tax included, same below).

McDonald's "Rice Teriyaki"
Rice teriyaki

"Rice bacon lettuce" is a special rice sandwich of "bacon lettuce burger", which is a combination of 100% beef patty, smoky bacon, crispy lettuce, and mellow cheddar cheese. The single item price is 410 yen.

McDonald's "Rice Bacon Lettuce"
Rice bacon lettuce

"Rice Chicken Phileo" is a specially made rice sandwich of "Chicken Phileo", which is a crispy and lightly dressed chicken patty with crispy lettuce and aurora sauce added. The single item price is 410 yen.

McDonald's "Rice Chicken Phileo"
Rice chicken filleo

Offer time is from 17:00 to closing every day. If you couldn't eat it at the time of the last sale, try revenge before it sells out this time!