McDonald's "Gohan Karubi", "Gohan Chicken Koku-Yami Soy Sauce Tailored", "Gohan Teriyaki".

McDonald's Night Mac Limited Gohan Burger New

Items Gohan Karubi, a new rice burger made with 100% Koshihikari rice produced in Niigata Prefecture, and Gohan Chicken Kokkoku Shoyu Jitate are available as a limited time offer during "Night Mac" from 5:00 pm at McDonald's. The burgers are perfect with rice. The "Gohan Chicken National Umami Soy Sauce Tailored" is also on the menu. In addition, a lineup of three types of gohan burgers, including the ever-popular "Gohan Teriyaki", will be available for a limited time starting November 2.



The new "Gohan Karubi" combines a juicy 100% beef patty, umami-rich "karubi" marinated in a spicy sauce, crisp lettuce and sweet lemon sauce, and sandwiched between savory special rice made from 100% Niigata-grown Koshihikari rice. The double juicy combination is a perfect match with the aromatic soy sauce flavored rice cooked in a fluffy soy sauce. The price is 510 yen (tax included).

McDonald's "Gohan Karubi

Gohan Chicken Kuni Umami Soy


Tailored The new "Gohan Chicken Kuni Umami Soy Sauce Tailored" combines a lightly battered chicken patty with a savory soy sauce that has a lingering sweetness from the generous amount of onions and richness from the garlic, crunchy lettuce and mild cheddar cheese. The dish is sandwiched between rice made with 100% Niigata-grown Koshihikari rice. The chicken and the soy sauce are perfectly matched with the fluffy, savory soy sauce flavored rice. The price is 440 yen.

McDonald's "Gohan Chicken Kokujyu Soy Sauce Tailoring



The popular "Gohan Teriyaki" is a McDonald's "Teriyaki McBurger" consisting of a pork patty with rich flavor, sweet and spicy ginger-flavored teriyaki sauce, crisp lettuce and sweet lemon sauce, sandwiched between specially prepared rice buns made from 100% Niigata-grown Koshihikari rice. Sandwiched between buns. The savory soy-sauce flavored rice cooked fluffy and the flavor of the "Teriyaki McBurger" are a perfect match for this royal combination. The price is 420 yen.

McDonald's "Gohan Teriyaki