FLIPPER'S "Miracle Pancake Strawberry Millefeuille"

At the souffle pancake specialty store "FLIPPER'S", the "Strawberry Fair" will start on January 15th, "Strawberry Day". New products will be released for 3 consecutive months. The first is "Miracle Pancake Strawberry Millefeuille," which uses fresh, sweet and sour "Tochiotome" strawberries.

"Miracle Pancake Strawberry Millefeuille" is a dish that expresses strawberry millefeuille with pancakes. "Tochiotome", thick custard cream, and sweet and sour strawberry sauce with plenty of fruit juice are sandwiched between the two layers of pancakes. The texture is accented with fragrant roasted almond slices. You can also enjoy the change in taste by sprinkling the special syrup that comes with the original blended tea.

The price is 1,430 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). Offer at each store from January 15th to February 16th. To go is also possible.

In addition, at the To go limited shop "FLIPPER'S STAND", Valentine's Day limited products will be available from January 14th. "Miracle Souffle Cheese Pudding Caramel Nut Chocolat" (620 yen) is a limited edition pudding with rich chocolate pudding and chocolate souffle cheesecake accented with the aroma of nuts and the bittersweetness of caramel.

FLIPPER'S "Miracle Souffle Cheese Pudding Caramel Nut Chocolat"
Miraculous souffle cheese pudding caramel nut chocolate

In addition, "Pancake Pie Caramel Nut Chocolat" (420 yen) using rich chocolate ganache will be newly released. It will be available from January 14th at all FLIPPER'S STAND stores and the official online shop "BAY CREW'S FOOD MARCHE".

FLIPPER'S "Pancake Pie Caramel Nut Chocolat"
Pancake pie caramel nut chocolate