Is british chicken. "Foundation Memorial Box"

A set "Foundation Commemorative BOX" such as fried chicken will appear in "Gaburichikin." Limited quantity will be sold from October 15th. The selling price is 1,080 yen for To go (tax included, same below), and 1,390 yen for delivery.

Is british chicken. Founding commemorative BOX

Since the 10th anniversary of the opening of the first "gaburi chicken." Store in Nagoya will be celebrated in 2021, a campaign will be held as a "founding festival." The founding commemorative BOX will be treated as the first step.

In addition to the popular top menu, Karaage "Boneless Peach", Nagoya's specialty "Chicken Wings" has been reprinted. In addition to this, "French fries (salt)" is also combined. The chicken wings can be ordered individually or as "3 types of MIX fried".

It is planned to be available at 61 stores nationwide. The list is as follows.

・ Asakusa Bridge store ・ Akasaka store ・ Atre Kichijoji store ・ Ikebukuro west exit station square store ・ Ikebukuro east exit store ・ Shimokitazawa store ・ Takada Baba store ・ Shimbashi store ・ Suidobashi store ・ Hongo store ・ Kokubunji store ・ Machidanakamachi store ・ Monzen Nakamachi store ・ Nishiogikubo store・ Meidaimae store, Daimon store, Kabukicho store, Tamachi store, Kawagoe store, Kawaguchi store, Musashikosugi store, Tsunashima store, Kanayama main store, Meieki 3-chome store, Meieki west exit store, Sakae store, Eizumiyoshi store, Nishikidori Stores, Shin Mizuhashi store, Mikisho station square store, Jyoshin station square store, Shiogamaguchi store, Osu 3-chome store, Hara station square store, Fujigaoka store, Iwakura store, Tsurumai store, Iwatsuka store, Toyohashi station square store, Takasaki station square store, Yamagata station square store・ Utsunomiya Baba-dori store ・ Gifu station square store ・ Yokkaichi store ・ Kusanagi station square store ・ Toyama station square store ・ Kanazawa east exit store ・ Niigata station square store ・ Nagaoka station square store ・ Fukui station square store ・ Joetsu Takada store ・ Ina store ・ Matsumoto station square store ・ Fukuyama station square store・ Kawaramachi Sanjo store ・ Namba 4-chome store ・ Himeji station square store ・ Imaizumi store ・ Tenjin store ・ Naha Kumochi store ・ Naha Matsuyama-dori store

It will not be sold at some stores, such as when it is closed. In addition, it is not sold at To go specialty stores or commercial facilities. In addition, there are stores that are not eligible for delivery.