Katsuya/Kara-yama/Karaage-en New menu for To go only

New To go-only menus at Katsuya

, Karayama, and Kara

age-en New To go-only menus will go on sale on November 11 at Katsuya, a pork cutlet specialty restaurant, Karayama, a karaage set meal specialty restaurant, and Karaage-en, a karaage specialty restaurant.


"One Dried Plum" Service

Katsuya will offer "One Dried Plum" service to those who wish to receive it, as long as the To go bento comes with a separate container of rice. The service can be changed to "Hinomaru bento.

Katsuya "1 pickled plum" is served

Start date: Friday, November 11, 2022
Stores: Katsuya stores in Japan (excluding some stores)
Hours: Store business hours
* Not available at some delivery sites.

Katsuya's "

Kushikatsu Ass

ortment" Katsuya's "Katsu-ben" stores will sell "Kushikatsu Assortment" in limited quantities. It includes four kushikatsu skewers, two American dogs, a bag of sauce, and a bag of ketchup.

Katsuya "Assorted Kushikatsu

Price: 980 yen (1,058 yen including tax)
Start of sales: November 11, 2022 (Friday)
Sales outlets: "Katsu-ben" stores in Japan
Sales hours: Store operating hours

Karayama Kara-Age En "Cheering BOX"

A To go-only treat containing four types of karaage and fries. The "Cheering BOX" is a To go-only box containing four types of karaage and fries in limited quantities. Contents: 4 crispy momos, 4 juicy momomomaru, 4 tebasaki (chicken wings), nankotsu (chicken bones) (yagen), potato with skin, kyokudare (sauce), and curry salt.

Karayama-Karaage-en "Support Box

Price: 1,980 yen (2,138 yen including tax)
Sales start date: November 11, 2022 (Friday)
Sales outlets: Karayama and Karaage-en in Japan (excluding some stores)
Sales hours: Store hours

Karayama no


Karayama no Ika-Shiokara, a rice accompaniment that has been requested for sale as To go, is available. Some stores do not carry it. Please inquire directly with the store for availability.

Karayama's squid salted and pickled

Price: 110 yen (118 yen including tax)
Selling stores: Karayama stores in Japan (excluding some stores)
Selling time: Store business hours