Carefully brown pansaba salsa flavor

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage will release "Slowly Kotokoto Kongari Pan Saba Salsa Flavor" in collaboration with "Ca va? Can". It will be on sale nationwide for a limited time from October 18th.

Carefully brown pansaba salsa flavor

"Ca va? Can" is an original brand of mackerel cans that was born from Sanriku, a disaster-stricken area of the Great East Japan Earthquake, with a wish for reconstruction. Among them, the collaboration with the motif of "Paprika chili sauce taste" is "Slowly Kotokoto Kongari Pansaba Salsa taste" to be released this time.

Under the supervision of "Sava? Can", a cup soup of pottage with bread, finished with a slightly spicy chili flavor based on paprika and tomato. We use domestic mackerel powder and paprika.

With the desire to deliver energy from Tohoku, it is manufactured at the Sendai factory and delivered nationwide. Part of the sales will be donated to the Iwate Learning Hope Fund.

The estimated price is 160 yen (excluding tax). Calories are 89 kcal per serving.