Steak Don "Greed Libroin Steak Fair"

The "Greed Libroin Steak Fair" will be held from October 11th at each Steak Don store. The original "Libroin Steak", which is made by carefully selecting the part generally called "rib loin" and grilling the meat that has been aged for 40 days or more, is now available in various variations. "Mushroom scented cut Libroin steak" "Cut Libroin (100g (3.53oz)) & homemade beef stew" "Cut Libroin (100g (3.53oz)) & Tenderloin steak (150g (5.29oz))" "Chicken Libroin (100g (3.53oz))" will be on sale.

Greedy Libroin Steak Fair

Mushroom scented cut libroin steak

Steak Don "Mushroom Fragrant Cut Libroin Steak"

A dish that combines "Libroin steak" cut into bite-sized pieces and tea enoki mushrooms baked in butter foil. The tea enoki mushrooms, which are carefully baked to trap the aroma, enhance the umami of the beef. As a finishing touch, "secret butter soy sauce" is provided throughout. The price is 150g (5.29oz) 2,068 yen (tax included, same below), 200g (7.05oz) 2,618 yen.

Cut Libroin (100g (3.53oz)) & Homemade Beef Stew

Steak Don "Cut Libroin (100g) & Homemade Beef Stew"

A combination of Libroin steak and stew. The stew is handmade in the store so that the cut-off steak meat and beef tendon are slowly simmered until tender and the umami of the beef is fully brought out. The price is 1,848 yen.

Cut Libroin (100g (3.53oz)) & Tenderloin Steak (150g (5.29oz))

Steak Don "Cut Libroin (100g) & Tenderloin Steak (150g)"

A luxurious menu that combines tenderloin steak using fillet, which is a rare part, and libroin steak. Libroin has a deep taste with an exquisite balance of lean and sashimi, and Tenderloin has an elegant and clear taste of lean, so you can fully enjoy different characteristics. The price is 3,168 yen.

Chasing meat libroin (100g (3.53oz))

Steak Don "Arcmeal Libroin (100g)"

Libroin steak that can be added to all iron plate dishes in 100g (3.53oz) increments. You can enjoy Libroin steak more easily with a small amount. It can be added to the lunch menu until lunch time until 17:00. The price is 869 yen. In addition, it cannot be ordered separately.