Steak no Don "Gekiatsu Steak HOT
(All images are from the official Steak no Don website)

Steak no Don has introduced a new menu item, "Gekiatsu Steak HOT", which has been available since February, according to the official website. The price is 1,573 yen (including tax) for the 150g (5.29oz) size, 1,903 yen for the 200g (7.05oz) size, and 2,453 yen for the 300g (10.58oz) size.

Steak no Don Gekiatsu Steak HOT

Steak no Don "Gekiatsu Steak HOT

This is a new flavor added to Steak no Don's most popular "Gekiatsu Steak" series. It is said to be a product to meet the "Gekiatsu" (very hot) boom, and is said to be addictive and spicy with lots of hot spices.

It also comes with the steak's own hot sauce, "Donkatsu Sauce". It is said that eating the meat with the spicy sauce makes it even spicier and makes it impossible to stop eating rice and bread.

Gekiatsu Steak HOT is available at all Steak no Don stores. Some stores have changed their hours of operation due to the government's priority measures to prevent the spread of the disease, or at the request of local governments. For more information, please visit the official website.