Ippudo "Hakata Mazesoba Negimare"
(All image sources are from Ippudo official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Hakata Mazesoba Negi Mamire" will be available from Ippudo as a store-limited and limited-time menu. From September 1st, it will be available at 77 stores in Ippudo, IPPUDO RAMEN EXPRESS, and RAMEN EXPRESS Hakata Ippudo. The selling price is 890 yen (tax included, the same applies below), and the additional 150 yen for "Noodle Daisheng". The special toppings are 310 yen for "chasing meat" and 110 yen for "chasing Hakata all-purpose onion".

Hakata mixed soba covered with green onions

Ippudo "Hakata Mazesoba Negimare"

Mixed noodles that were developed to "negi" the tiredness of summer. It features lemon juice and vinegar based on tonkotsu dashi, and a sauce with a refreshing flavor of ginger.

Crisp straight thin noodles are used, and the fragrant "Hakata all-purpose green onion" from Fukuoka prefecture is so heavy that it weighs about 30g (1.06oz), and "pork ribs" marinated in a special sauce, white onion. , Seaweed and so on. If you squeeze the attached cut lemon to your liking, it will be even more refreshing.

The stores that Ippudo handles are as follows.

Fukuoka Prefecture, Daimyo Main Store, Shiobara Honpo, Sanno Store, Nishidori Store, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto Juzenji Store, Gunma Prefecture, Takasaki Store, Saitama Prefecture, Kawagoe Inter Store, Chiba Prefecture, LaLaport TOKYO-BAY Store, Ixpiari Store, Takeishi Inter Store, Tokyo Ebisu store, Kichijoji store, Ginza store, Roppongi store, Takada Baba store, Meidaimae store, Ueno Hirokoji store, Ikebukuro store, Machida store, Marunouchi
・ Toyosu store ・ Asakusa ROX ・ 3G store ・ LUMINE EST Shinjuku store ・ Gotanda east exit store ・ Hamamatsucho stand ・ LUMINE Tachikawa store ・ Tokyo Dome City La Coeur store ・ Asakusa Hashi Honpo ・ Kameari store ・ Musashi Koyama store Kanagawa prefecture ・ Shonan SEASIDE
・ Yokohama West Exit Store ・ Tamaplaza Store ・ Honatsugi Milord East Store ・ Lasca Kayagasaki Store ・ Yokohama Izumi Store Hokkaido ・ Sapporo Tanukikoji Store ・ Sapporo Hiraoka Store Miyagi Prefecture ・ Sendai Aoba Dori Store ・ Sendai East Exit Store Niigata Prefecture ・ Niigata Store Toyama Prefecture ・Toyama store Ishikawa prefecture, Kanazawa Karinbo store Nagano prefecture, Suwa interchange store Aichi prefecture, Nagoya main store, Nagoya Sakae Brossa store, Kariya store Kyoto prefecture, Kyoto Porta store Osaka prefecture, Nagahori store, Namba store, Horie store, Ikeda store, Abeno nini Store ・ Takatsuki store ・ SHIROMARU-BASE Umeda store Hyogo prefecture ・ Nishimiya north exit store ・ Himeji store ・ Sannomiya store Okayama prefecture ・ Kurashiki store Hiroshima prefecture ・ Hiroshima bag town store ・ Fukuyama store ・ ekie Hiroshima store Ehime prefecture ・ Matsuyama store ・ Emiful MASAKI

The stores that handle "IPPUDO RAMEN EXPRESS" and "RAMEN EXPRESS Hakata Ippudo" are as follows.

Fukuoka Prefecture, Malinois City Fukuoka Store Saga Prefecture, Yume Town Saga Store Saitama Prefecture, Mitsui Outlet Park Irima Store, Koshiya Lake Town Store, Cocoon City Store Chiba Prefecture, Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu Store, LaLaport Kashiwanoha Store, Terrace Mall Matsudo Store Tokyo, Tokyo Soramachi store, Minamimachida Granberry Park store, Shizuoka prefecture, Shizuoka SA
Aichi Prefecture Lalaport Aichi Togo Store Kagawa Prefecture Youme Town Takamatsu Store

Limited to 20 cups a day at each store. It may be out of stock during business hours. In addition, the coupon for "Ippudo Official App" is applicable, but not for the food court format.