Sushiro "Saba-Yami Tangy Mazesoba" and "Horumon Udon".


"Saba-ami Mazesoba" and "Horumon Udon"

Sushiro stores will sell "Saba-ami Mazesoba" jointly developed with "Saba 6 Mensho," a popular restaurant founded in Osaka, and "Horumon Udon" inspired by "kasu udon," a Kansai specialty, from May 12, 2012. Each is priced at 400 yen (tax included, 410 yen or 430 yen at some stores).

Saba-Yami Tangy Mazesoba

Sushiro "Saba-Yami Tangy Mazesoba

Saba Umami Tangy Mazesoba is a new product jointly developed with Saba 6 Noodle Factory, which has gained popularity for its addictive Saba-flavored soy sauce ramen. The mazesoba sauce is infused with mackerel knots and other ingredients, and a special meat sauce is used to create a delicious mackerel-flavored mazesoba. We recommend mixing in Sushiro's grilled mackerel as a topping and tasting the whole dish after it is covered with the mackerel flavor. Available from May 12 to May 28.



Sushiro "Horumon Udon" (hormone udon)

The "Horumon Udon" is a dish inspired by the Kansai specialty "Kasu Udon," and is a must-have for hormone lovers. The fat from the hormone melts into Sushiro's famous udon broth and is mixed with the udon, giving it a rich flavor. The dish will be on sale from May 12 to May 28.

The sale period is from May 12 to May 28, and will end as soon as the limited quantity of each item is gone.

Saba 6 Noodle Shop

was established in 2016 in Tenjinbashi 6-chome, Osaka. The restaurant's signature "Saba Shoyu Soba" is a chicken broth with a sweet soy sauce-based sauce and mackerel bones added, giving it a sweet taste with a seafood flavor brought by the mackerel bones. The soup is well complemented by homemade noodles.

Saba 6 Noodle Factory "Saba Shoyu Soba
Mackerel Soy Sauce Soba