Hakosoba "Hakosoba Special (Soba / Udon)"

"Hakosoba Special (Soba / Udon)", which has been requested to be resold at "Hakosoba" operated mainly along the Odakyu Line, has been revived as a commemorative menu for "Hakosoba Day". It will be sold for 780 yen (tax included) only on August 5th.

Hakosoba Special (Soba / Udon)

"Hakosoba Special (Soba / Udon)" is a dish that is so voluminous that you can't see the noodles, topped with kakiage, shrimp tempura, hot spring eggs, croquette, grated meat, and meat. You can choose hot or cold soba or udon.

It will not be sold at "Hakosoba" Shimbashi store, Tamachi store, Akihabara store, Toyosu store, Kawasaki store and "Hakone Soba Honjin store". It will be sold at other Hakosoba.

Box buckwheat day

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the opening of "Hakosoba" in 2015, August 5th was certified by the "Japan Anniversary Association" as "Hakosoba Day". The date comes from the fact that the first store was opened at each station on the Odakyu Line Shinjuku Station in August 1965, and the wordplay of "85 (= Hako)" named after the nickname "Hakosoba". On the day of the event, we sell commemorative menus and hold commemorative events.