Hakosoba "Tofu Iccho Soba"

The summer tradition "Tofu Iccho Soba" will be on sale from July 20th at each "Hakosoba" store that operates mainly along the Odakyu Line. Limited time until August 31st. The price is 480 yen (tax included).

Tofu Iccho Soba

"Tofu Iccho Soba" is a long-selling product that has been loved since the Showa era. The soba noodles are boiled from raw noodles, and the soup stock is combined with the gentle taste of the dashi stock, and a whole cool tofu is placed on top of it. It is a popular menu that many people want to reprint every year.

* Soba can be changed to udon.
* Not sold at "Hakone Soba Honjin".