Domino's Pizza "Quattro Nippon"

Domino's Pizza will release a premium Japanese-style quattro pizza "Quattro Nippon" filled with "Japanese taste" on May 19th. Prices start at 1,300 yen (take-out).

Quattro Nippon

"Quattro Nippon" is a luxurious dish that you can enjoy four kinds of Japanese-style flavors, "Menta Mayomochi", "Hokkaido 3 Cheese", "Charcoal Grilled Chikiteri", and "Charcoal Grilled Beef" in one pizza. Because all the ingredients are familiar to Japanese people, we are particular about the ingredients and cooking methods, and they are deliciously baked with the best combination of ingredients.

Domino's Pizza "Quattro Nippon"

"Menta Mayomochi" is a combination of mentaiko and mochi, which are very popular with Japanese people, and is topped with corn and asparagus. "Hokkaido 3 Cheese" is a popular product that is on sale for a limited time in the Hokkaido area. You can enjoy the taste of Hokkaido luxuriously with Hokkaido cheddar, Hokkaido Gouda, Hokkaido Camembert cheese, white sauce and asparagus. "Charcoal-grilled chicken" is a juicy and fragrant taste of large charcoal-grilled chicken. You can also enjoy the aroma and juiciness of beef that has been carefully grilled over charcoal.

The price is 1,300 yen for M size, 1,599 yen for R size, and 1,900 yen for L size. Delivery is M size 2,600 yen, R size 3,199 yen, L size 3,800 yen, all including tax.