Lastita Lemon & Cream Cheese Flavor

The new flavor "Rustita Lemon & Cream Cheese Flavor" of the bite-sized rusk "Rustita" is on sale from May 17th. A collaboration package with the popular character "Moomin".

"Rustita" is a bite-sized rusk with the concept of "you can enjoy a relaxing tea time at any time" even in a busy day. Slice French bread carefully baked one by one at the factory to a thickness that is easy to eat. The mellow buttery scent and moderate sweetness give it a timeless taste.

One-size-fits-all rusk "Rustita"

A discerning combination that pursues good lips. The baked size of French bread is small so that it is easy to eat. Individually wrapped in a stylish Scandinavian design package, it is a rusk where you can easily enjoy a relaxing tea time.

The new flavor "Lemon & Cream Cheese Flavor" has a creamy yet sweet and sour taste that matches the early summer. The freshness of lemon and the rich flavor of cream cheese are a perfect match.

The "Rustita" package uses a natural and warm Scandinavian design with the image of an elegant Scandinavian tea time nurtured by a slow-life culture. In collaboration with the Nordic character "Moomin", cute "Moomin" are drawn on the outer wrapping and individual wrapping. The stylish Scandinavian design package brightly colors various scenes such as relaxing time at home, break time at work, and snack time.

Lastita Lemon & Cream Cheese Flavor

The content is 9 sheets, and the estimated assumption is around 216 yen (tax included). Handling at supermarkets nationwide.