FamilyMart "Fluffy Butter Bread
All images are sourced from FamilyMart's official website.

Here are the new bread arrivals that will be available at FamilyMart stores from September 13. The lineup includes the following five items. Availability may vary by region and store.

Tear-off white chocolate whipped bread

Soft white baked bread dough sandwiched with chopped chocolate whip. The price is 138 yen (tax included, same as below).

FamilyMart "Tear-off white chocolate whipped bread

Fluffy Butter Bread

A satisfying, buttery bread. It is baked softly and fluffy. The price is 128 yen.

FamilyMart "Fluffy Butter Bread

Whole-grain bread and French bread with balls (5 pieces)

Whole-grain bread with a hint of saltiness (2 pieces) and moist French bread with the flavor of wheat (3 pieces). The price is 198 yen.

FamilyMart "Bread with Whole Wheat Flour and 5 pieces of Balled French Bread"

Shrimp Katsu Dog (tartar sauce)

Shrimp cutlet sandwiched between soft and fluffy dog rolls. Tartar sauce mixed with egg salad is squeezed over the top. Price: 230 yen. Not available in some areas in the Tohoku region.

FamilyMart "Shrimp Katsu Dog (Tartar Sauce)

Whole Grain Sandwich - Shrimp and Broccoli Salad Sandwich

Sandwich made with whole grain bread. Broccoli, edamame (green soybeans), carrots, onions, potatoes, egg salad with mayo sauce, and shrimp are sandwiched between. The price is 320 yen. Not available in Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures.

FamilyMart "Whole Grain Sandwich - Shrimp and Broccoli Salad Sandwich"