"Lunch pack (corn croquette and corn salad)" from Yamazaki Baking

From Yamazaki Baking, "Lunch Pack (Corn Croquette and Corn Salad)" using the sweet corn "Gold Rush (made in Hokkaido)" developed by Sakata Seed will be released on June 1st. The price is open.

"Gold Rush" is a sweet corn variety whose seeds were released in 2004. Compared to regular varieties, it has excellent taste such as sweetness and thin grain skin, and is highly evaluated by cooks. For the commercialization of the "Lunch Pack", a "Lunch Pack (Corn Croquette and Corn Salad)" was developed using the "Gold Rush" produced in Hokkaido, making the best use of the original sweetness of sweet corn and the softness of the grain skin.

"Corn croquette" is a voluminous ingredient that combines creaminess to enhance the sweetness unique to "gold rush". At "Corn Salad", you can enjoy the popping texture that makes the best use of the thin grain skin of "Gold Rush". It is recommended not only to eat and compare, but also to eat two in layers. You can enjoy the corn croquette that enhances the sweetness of the gold rush, the corn salad that you can enjoy the popping texture, and the deliciousness unique to the gold rush in one bag.