Yamazaki Baking "Lunch Pack Curry & Cabbage"

"Lunch Pack Curry & Cabbage (supervised by" Apa President Curry ")" is on sale from the "Lunch Pack" series of Yamazaki Baking. Available at supermarkets and convenience stores in Kanto Koshinetsu.

A "lunch pack" is a sweet bread with ingredients sandwiched between soft breads. The ears of the bread are cut off and crimped on all sides to keep your hands clean. The "Lunch Pack" was born in 1984. At first, we started with 4 types, but now we have about 400 million units sold annually, and we have a cumulative lineup of more than 1,600 types of long-selling products.

"Apa President Curry" is an authentic beef curry that was born at a restaurant directly managed by APA Hotel and is confidently recommended by Fumiko Motoya, President of APA Hotel. Based on Kanazawa curry in Ishikawa prefecture, the birthplace of APA Hotel, it is on sale mainly at all APA Hotel stores as a curry that becomes even more delicious with cabbage.

"Lunch Pack Curry & Cabbage (supervised by" APA President Curry ")" is a sandwich of APA Hotel's "Apa President Curry" and a curry filling inspired by the source cabbage filling. The sale period is scheduled for May 31st.

From April 7th at convenience stores and other Yamazaki product stores and lunch pack shops, and from May 12th to 26th at Lawson in the Kanto area.