Dom Dom Hamburger "Extrude! Aji Fry Burger"
Watch out for the protruding tail fins!

At each Dom Dom hamburger store, the popular "Hamideru! Aji Fly Burger" will be reprinted from May 22nd. The single item price is 400 yen (tax included).

Overhang! Aji fly burger

The very popular "Hamideru! Aji Fly Burger" released in 2018 has re-appeared in response to the desire for a resurrection. As the name suggests, a hamburger that is so big that it sticks out of the buns is boldly sanded in the buns along with Dom Dom's special tartar sauce and shredded cabbage.

For horse mackerel, we use Dutch horse mackerel grown in a cold and harsh environment. Compared to horse mackerel in the sea near Japan, it takes about three times as much fat. You can fully enjoy the plump and juicy hydrangea with fat.

* Not sold at the Hatsuoi store, Ichihara Elephant Country store, or Takarazuka Nakayama store.