Bourbon Banana Fair

Bourbon will release banana fair products on May 18th. A lineup of 9 products that spread the taste of bananas.

Sticky chocolate banana shake flavor

A sweet made by wrapping a mellow banana shake-flavored ganache in a chewy mochi. You can enjoy the unity of ganache with a soft texture and banana scent. The estimated price is 216 yen (tax included, same below).

Bourbon "Mochimochi Chocolat Banana Shake Flavor"

Alfort mini chocolate banana

A combination of crisply baked savory whole grain biscuits and banana-flavored chocolate with a sweet scent kneaded with banana powder. The estimated price is 108 yen.

Bourbon "Alfort Mini Chocolate Banana"

Pakira chocolate banana

Sprinkle crunch crepes and puffs on chocolate kneaded with banana powder and sandwich with wafers. You can enjoy the crunchy texture and the taste of chocolate bananas. The assumption is 130 yen.

Bourbon "Pakira Choco Banana"

Sylvaine chocolate banana

Sand the banana cream with a softly baked cake dough and luxuriously coat it with chocolate. Banana puree and banana concentrated juice are used for the cream to create an elegant taste. Assumed assumption is 324 yen.

Bourbon "Silvaine Chocolate Banana"

Mini bar mroll banana cream

A mini-sized roll cake that is rolled up and wrapped in fragrant banana cream. Banana powder is kneaded into the cream to give it a rich flavor. The assumption is 378 yen.

Bourbon "Mini Barm Roll Banana Cream"

Elise banana

Elise wrapped in a sweet scented banana cream on a crispy, light-textured wafer. You can enjoy the sweet and gentle taste of bananas. The assumption is 378 yen.

Bourbon "Elise Banana"

Roanne banana

Crispy baked gofuru sandwiches sweet scented banana cream. You can enjoy the fragrant flavor of gofuru and the sweetness of banana. The assumption is 378 yen.

Bourbon "Roanne Banana"

Mini Madeleine Banana

A bite-sized madeleine made by kneading plenty of banana puree and baking it moistly. The banana flavor spreads softly. The assumption is 378 yen.

Bourbon "Mini Madeleine Banana"

Moist soft cookie chocolate banana

A small bar-type soft cookie made by kneading banana puree, banana powder and chocolate chips and baking. The sweetness of bananas and the bittersweetness of chocolate chips are well-balanced. The assumption is 378 yen.

Bourbon "Moist Soft Cookie Chocolate Banana"