Black Thunder "Banana Thunder"

Check out all the new chocolates! White Alfort Mini Chocolate, Alfort Salted Vanilla, Ghana Chocolat Biscuit, Ghana [Mochiri Gato Chocolat] Popjoy, Tyrol Chocolate [Waffle Cone Milk Vanilla], Black Thunder Banana Thunder, Look (Salty Lemonade & Salty Lychee)". Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

White Alfort Mini Chocolate" and "Alfort Salted Vanilla

Bourbon will sell " White Alfort Mini Chocolate" and "Alfort Salted Vanilla", which are a combination of salty chocolate and cookies that are easy to eat even in the hot season, for a limited time only.

Bourbon "White Alfort Mini Chocolate

Ghana Chocolat Biscuit" and "Ghana [Motto Chocolate Gato Chocolat] Popjoy."

Lotte will release " Ghana Ch ocolat Biscuit" and "Ghana [Mottochiri Gateau Chocolat] Popjoy" from its melt-in-your-mouth "Ghana" series.

Lotte "Ghana Chocolat Biscuit

Waffle Cone Milk Vanilla" from the "Tyrol Chocolate" series

Chirorucoco is introducing " Chirorucoco (W affle Cone Milk Vanilla)," a chocolate that is a reproduction of the popular 7-Eleven ice cream. The crunchy texture of the waffle crunch is trapped between the soft-serve ice cream flavored chocolate and the savory baked chocolate.

Chirorucoco "Chirorucoco [Waffle Cone Milk Vanilla]".

Black Thunder "Banana Thunder

Banana no Thunder " will be released from the Yuraku Seika Black Thunder series. This product offers the perfect combination of banana and chocolate flavors with the crunchy texture typical of Black Thunder.

Black Thunder "Banana Thunder"

Look (Salty Lemonade & Salty Lychee)

Fujiya's long-selling chocolate "Look," which celebrated its 60th anniversary this year, will release " Look (Salty Lemonade & Salty Lychee)," a box of two flavors, Salty Lemonade and Salty Lychee, to be enjoyed together.

Fujiya "Look (Salty Lemonade & Salty Lychee)