Lemon milk base" is sold at KALDI Coffee Farm. Strawberry milk is familiar, but lemon milk is a bit unusual. I was curious about it, so I tried it.

Lemon Milk Base

Concentrated lemon milk base. Sicilian lemon juice is used. The summery package is decorated with lemons. Contents 275g (9.7oz), price 398 yen (tax included).

KALDI Coffee Farm's "Lemon Milk Base"

The lemon peel is precipitated at the bottom, so shake lightly before use. Divide the lemon milk base 1:2 cold milk and mix well. When combined with milk, the ingredients will coagulate and separate over time.

KALDI Coffee Farm's "Lemon Milk Base"

How does lemon milk base taste?

It tastes like yogurt. First, you feel the mild sweetness of the milk as the main ingredient, and the lemon comes later, slowly. It leaves a pleasant cool feeling with a hint of bitterness. It is sweet but not heavy, and easy to drink even in the hot season.

KALDI Coffee Farm's "Lemon Milk Base"

Drinkable cheesecake-style arrangement

1. soften 60g (2.12oz) of cream cheese by bringing it to room temperature or microwaving it for 20-30 seconds. 2.

Pour 150ml (5.07us fl oz) of milk into the cheese and mix well. 3.

Pour 60 ml of lemon milk into a cup and pour (2) into the cup. You can also add crushed cookies as a topping if you like.

The top layer of milk is soft and smooth. The deep richness of the milk is followed by the refreshing aroma of lemon. The combination of the sourness of the cheese and the lemon gives it a rich yet refreshing aftertaste. The combination of milk and cream cheese gives the drink a luxurious feel, making it more like a dessert than a drink.

KALDI Coffee Farm's "Lemon Milk Base"

Lemon milk base" has a refreshing appeal that is different from the sweet and sour strawberry milk. The bright yellow color is perfect for summer.

KALDI Coffee Farm's "Lemon Milk Base"