Crispy texture "Cranky [Gutto dark strawberry]"

From Lotte's crispy texture and familiar "Cranky", a bite-sized "Cranky [Gyutto Dark Strawberry]" will be released on May 11th. The estimated price is around 162 yen (tax included).

"Cranky [Gyutto Dark Strawberry]" is a bite-sized strawberry with plenty of strawberries (raw equivalent 12.8%), and the deliciousness of the dark strawberry is tightly confined. A crunchy that expresses sweet and sourness with crushed strawberry chips. Since it is a recloseable pouch, you can eat it anytime and anywhere, and you can easily fill your stomach and refresh yourself.

"Cranky [Gutto Dark Strawberry]" is perfect for snack time. Why don't you enjoy the crispy texture?