Rare domestic black tea used "Sasa [Hanayagu Japanese black tea]"

"Sasa [Hanayagu Japanese Black Tea]" will be released on April 27 from the "Sasha" brand of chocolate with a delicate appearance and crispy texture.

Sasa [Hanayagu Japanese Black Tea]

"Sasa [Hanayagu Japanese Black Tea]" is a black tea that you can enjoy the taste of "Japanese black tea (domestic black tea)", which is attracting attention for its delicate and elegant taste and its rarity. "Japanese black tea" from the Motoyama district of Shizuoka prefecture, which is famous for producing famous black tea, is used. "Japanese black tea" chocolate, which is characterized by its fragrant and mellow sweetness, and three types of chocolate, bitter white, are woven together to create a unique taste of Sasa. You can also enjoy the delicate texture that melts crisply.

The package is based on orange-brown with the image of black tea. It is designed so that the contents are easy to understand by arranging the images of products, tea in glasses, and tea leaves.

Sasa [Hanayagu Japanese Black Tea] Product Details

Product name: Sasa [Hanayagu Japanese black tea]
Release date: April 27, 2021 Release area: Nationwide Contents: 69g (2.43oz) (including individual packaging)
Price: Open price (estimated price is around 237 yen including tax)