Korakuen "Chocolate Ramen Black" and "Chocolate Ramen White
Korakuen x Lotte's Valentine's Day menu!


Chocolate Ramen Black and Chocolate Ramen White

A collaboration menu "Chocolate Ramen Black" and "Chocolate Ramen White" with Lotte's chocolate "Sasa" will be available at Korakuen. The menu will be available from February 14 to March 31, 2023. Both are priced at 650 yen (tax included).


Ramen Black "Chocolate Ramen Black" is based on Chinese noodle soup, with chocolate flavor added by cacao oil, and topped with beautiful looking, crispy and delicate "sasa" and grated ginger to create a rich and accented bowl.

Lotte Chocolate "Sasa
(silk) gauze

The gap in aroma and taste due to the unsweetened cacao oil and the unique texture of the "sasa" and the sweetness of the melted chocolate also provide a change in taste. This unexpected combination of chocolate and ramen is intended to liven up Valentine's Day and White Day.

Korakuen "Chocolate Ramen Black
Chocolate Ramen Black

Chocolate Ramen


"Chocolate Ramen White" is based on the salt ramen soup to which white cocoa oil is added.

Lotte Chocolate "Sasa [Mellow Strawberry]".
Sasa [Mellow strawberry

Korakuen "Chocolate Ramen White
Chocolate Ramen White

If you order "Chocolate Ramen Black", you will receive a "Super Devil" sticker, and if you order "Chocolate Ramen White", you will receive a "Head Rococo" sticker


In addition, if you order both Black and White at the same time, you will receive an additional "Pink Zeus" sticker.

Korakuen Limited "Bikkuriman" Big Seal Super Devil

Korakuen Limited "Bikkuriman" Big Seal Head Rococo
head lococo

Korakuen "Korakuen Limited 'Bikkuriman' Big Seal Pink Zeus
pink zeus

In principle, the product will be available at Korakuen suburban stores, but some food court stores and other locations are excluded.