My favorite rotating chain ranking

The ranking information site "goo ranking" that ranks all "things and things" in the world is about the theme of the rotating sushi chain that you can enjoy at a reasonable price, and what is your favorite chain? Surveyed and ranked.

3rd place Hamazushi
On weekdays, the familiar "Hamazushi" was ranked in in a reasonable campaign (there are stores that have not been implemented) of 90 yen (excluding tax) per plate.

Although the price is reasonable, there is no omission in the freshness, sushi rice, and soy sauce. In addition, the To go menu also has a special set that is only available on weekdays (some stores have not been implemented). A project called "famous voice actor narracion", in which the voice on the touch panel and the in-store broadcast become famous voice actors, has become a standard. Voice actor fans are wondering what kind of voice actors are being appointed.

2nd place Unattached Kura Sushi
"Unattached Kura Sushi" is attracting attention as a commercial for the popular comedy combination downtown that has been appointed as a new ambassador.

Akindo Kura Sushi (first opened in Hokkaido in the spring of 2021), which is expanding nationwide as a major chain next to Sushiro. We are particular about offering a 100 yen menu (excluding tax) that you can easily order, and the variety is the best in the industry. Not only side menus and sweets, but also the sugar-off menu is a nice point.

1st place Sushiro
The first place was "Sushiro", a major company in the rotating sushi industry with 559 stores (as of February 16, 2021) in Japan.

Sushiro, which uses the highest level of freshness in the industry, and you can enjoy authentic sushi with a focus on rice, soy sauce, and wasabi. Since 2017, we have been offering various sweets menus under the "Sushiro cafe club" brand, which is gaining popularity from a wide range of generations.

* The theme and questions are set in the goo ranking editorial department, and the results are aggregated by conducting a questionnaire using the voting service provided by goo ranking. The survey period is from November 25, 2020 to December 09, 2020.