The best! Matsuya's regular menu ranking

Japan's largest ranking information site goo ranking (goo ranking), which ranks all "things and things" in the world, is a regular that thinks "the best!" With the theme of "Matsuya", a beef bowl chain with abundant menus. We investigated and ranked which menu is. The aggregation period is from March 07, 2021 to March 21, 2021.

3rd place "Beef yakiniku set meal"

Among the many set meals, one of the longest-selling menus is the "Beef Yakiniku Set Meal". This menu is made by adding grated radish and green onions to grilled meat where you can enjoy the delicious taste of juicy and tender beef. Not only as an option when you want to have a good meal, but some people order it with beer on the way home from work.

2nd place "Premium beef rice"

"Premium beef rice", which is mainly sold in stores in the Kanto region, was developed with the aim of creating a different level of deliciousness from the standard beef rice. This menu is a truly premium dish that uses chilled beef and domestic onions and is finished with an additive-free sauce that brings out the flavor of the ingredients. You can enjoy a deeper taste by sprinkling the special black sesame roasted shichimi attached.

1st place "Beef rice"

Matsuya's classic menu is the hearty "beef rice" with plenty of beef and onions on white rice. In addition to regular serving, there are a wide variety of sizes such as mini serving, large serving, special serving, and Atama large serving with large serving of rice, and you can choose a cup that suits your stomach.