"Asahi Luxury Squeezing Limited Time Pineapple" Campaign Limited Items Popular

Asahi Breweries will release "Asahi Luxury Squeezed Limited Time Pineapple" as a limited time product on March 9th. The estimated price is 141 yen (excluding tax) for a 350 ml can. Alcohol content is 4%.

"Asahi Luxury Squeezed Pineapple for a Limited Time" is a canned chu-hi that uses 25% of pineapple juice, which is equivalent to 1/12 pineapple fruit, and is characterized by its rich aroma and rich taste. It was developed as a prize for the "Asahi Luxury Squeezing" renewal commemorative campaign held in 2020.

According to a survey by Asahi Breweries, 97.5% of people who drank it rated it as "delicious", and received favorable comments such as "I'm happy to drink such a strong taste at home" and "Pineapple is rich. I want you to release it." Because it was sent, we decided to release it nationwide this time.

The design emphasizes the product features in an easy-to-understand manner by drawing an illustration of a fresh pineapple on the front of the can body and placing the "juice 25%" icon in the center against a bright yellow background.

* The amount equivalent to 1/12 of the amount of juice including pericarp etc. in the weight per fruit, which is listed in the all-guide food ingredient list issued by "Jikkyo Shuppansha", is used.