Asahi Beer "Asahi Luxury Shibori Premium Autumn Limited Edition Japanese Pear

Asahi Beer's canned chu-hi will introduce the seasonal "Asahi Luxury Shibori Premium Autumn Limited Japanese Pear," which will go on sale on August 16, 2012, in 350ml (11.83us fl oz) cans at an estimated price of 176 yen per can (tax included).

Asahi Luxury Squeegee Premium Autumn Limited Edition Japanese Pear

This is part of the Asahi Luxury Squeeze series for those who enjoy a fruity taste. The previous year, a seasonal flavor using pears was introduced in this series and was well received, so it will be available again.

It is characterized by the use of 5% domestic Japanese pear juice. It is said to have a rich aroma and soft sweetness that only Japanese pears can offer, and is said to help people feel the arrival of autumn. The alcohol content is 4%. The pure alcohol content is 11.2 grams.

On the package, there is an icon on the top of the can to let people know at a glance that domestic fruits are used and that it is an autumn-only flavor. The dark brown background and the autumn leaves scattered around the can are said to have been designed to evoke the feeling of fall.