Hamakatsu's "Layered Katsushika" series

Five types of Hamakatsu (Hama is a different character) "Makekatsu" series will be treated as a seasonal spring menu from March 1st to the end of May. All To go is supported and can be enjoyed at home.

A soft and juicy dish with layers of layered and sliced loin. There is stuffing inside.

"Layered pork cutlet set [mentaiko]" is sandwiched between bright green leaves and cherry-colored mentaiko, and has a spring-like cross section. You can enjoy the flavor and texture of mentaiko.

"Layered pork cutlet set [cheese]" has a rich taste that combines two types of Camembert cheese and Gouda cheese. Also, as an accent, the amount of fragrant and spicy black pepper has been increased.

In addition to this, there will also be a "two kinds of layered and assorted set" where you can enjoy both mentaiko and cheese at the same time. In addition, on weekdays only, two types of "Easy Layered Katsuzen", which is a combination of chicken and seasonal vegetables, will be on sale.

The selling price is as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Layered pork cutlet set [mentaiko] 1,490 yen ・ Layered pork cutlet set [cheese] 1,490 yen ・ Two types of layered pork cutlet set 1,390 yen ・ Easy layered pork cutlet set [mentaiko] 1,190 yen ・ Easy layered pork cutlet set [ Cheese] 1,190 yen