Hamakatsu "Oyster Furai Tonkatsu Set"

"Oyster Furai Tonkatsu Zen" will appear as a seasonal menu in Hamakatsu (Hama is a different character). It will be available from December 8, 2021 to mid-February 2022. The selling price is 1,490 yen (tax included).

Oyster flat pork cutlet set

Hamakatsu "Oyster Furai Tonkatsu Set"

At Hamakatsu, the first " oyster fry " menu that uses oysters from Hiroshima prefecture from October is "Layered oyster [meat miso] and oyster fry set", "oyster fry and fin set", and "oyster fry set". "Easy Oyster Furai Zen" is on sale, and this time it will be the second one following it.

"Oyster Furaito Tonkatsu Zen" is a set of two oyster fry that you can easily eat nutritious oysters and has been launched as a winter taste of beach cutlet, and one each of the standard menu loin and fillet. It is combined. The feature is that you can enjoy a variety of fried foods. Comes with rice, miso soup, cabbage and pickles. You can also To go, but the lunch box does not come with miso soup.

As a general rule, "oyster flat pork cutlet set" is handled at beach pork cutlets nationwide, with some exceptions. Please note that it will not be sold at "JR Ochanomizu".