Tendon Tenya Shunsai Nokke "Spring Shunsai Relay"

From the tempura and tempura specialty store "Tendon Tenya", "Spring Shunsai Relay", where you can enjoy "Shunsai Nokke" that makes you feel the arrival of spring, will be on sale in limited quantities until the end of March. The price is 150 yen (tax included) per piece.

The first "Tsubomi" is white near the roots, and the green color of the leaves stands out as it goes up, and it has a crunchy texture and moderate spiciness. In addition, the second "Fukinoto" is characterized by its unique aroma and bitterness, and you can enjoy a more relaxed texture by making it tempura. And, in addition to the slight bitterness, the third "Tara no Bud" can be enjoyed with a chewy and chewy texture.

Spring seasonal vegetables, which are characterized by their unique bitterness, can be eaten with algae salt placed on the table or placed on your favorite tendon. The bitterness of the edible wild plants tempura goes well with the sweet and spicy sauce of "Tendon Tenya".

・ Sales period 1st "Tsubomi" Scheduled from February 18th to 25th 2nd "Fukinoto" Scheduled from February 26th to March 8th 3rd "Tara no Bud" March 9th to 3rd Scheduled for late March

* You can take it home. Not sold by delivery