Jiichiro "Sakura Baumkuchen" and "Sakura Rusk

Jiichiro will release "Sakura Baumkuchen", "Sakura Rusk 6 pieces" and "Sakura Gift" on March 1. Sales will end as soon as they are gone.

The theme of the new baumkuchen is "cherry blossoms," a reminder of the arrival of spring. The package is decorated with illustrations of cherry blossom petals, creating a gorgeous spring atmosphere.

Jiichiro "Cherry blossom baumkuchen

Cherry blossom baumkuchen

Cherry Blossom Baumkuchen is a cherry blossom-flavored baumkuchen with a lovely pink color. White chocolate is kneaded into the dough to add sweetness and richness, and the sugar coating on the surface is slightly salty, creating a well-balanced flavor. The baumkuchen measures approximately 14.5 cm in diameter x 4 cm in height and is priced at 1,566 yen (tax included).

Jiichiro "Cherry blossom baumkuchen

Cherry Blossom Rusk 6 pieces

The "Cherry Blossom Rusk (6 sheets)" expresses springtime when cherry blossoms bloom with its contrasting green and pink colors. The green tea French bread is baked with slightly salted cherry blossom-flavored butter. The aroma of cherry blossoms spreads softly in your mouth. The price is 378 yen.

Jiichiro "Cherry Blossom Rusk 6pcs.

Cherry Blossom Gift

The "Cherry Blossom Gift" is a gift box full of cherry blossoms. It includes 2 bags of "Sakura Baumkuchen Cut" and 4 pieces of "Sakura Rusk". The price is 1,080 yen.

Jiichiro "Cherry Blossom Gift