Demel "Assorted Cookies (Spring)" and "Sachertorte
Demel's Sweets for White Day and Spring Gifts

Demel Sweets for White Day and Spring Gifts

DEMEL will introduce "Assorted Cookies (Spring)", a limited time menu item suitable for White Day and spring gifts. It will be available at Demel stores in department stores nationwide and at the official online store from the end of February 2023. The classic "Sachertorte" is also recommended.

Assorted Cookies (


) "Assorted Cookies (Spring)" are four kinds of Demel's popular cookies in a limited-edition package with a pretty lace pattern. The cookies are unique and full of flavor, including spices, nuts, and lemon. The pretty violet lace patterned package is a delightful spring-like set.

The set includes "Hazelnuss" with hazelnut dough and cherry topping, "Pimento" with chocolate chips and pistachios for a spicy flavor, "Chocolat Amand" with chocolate dough with almond slices, and "Dotter" with a refreshing lemon flavor for a smooth mouth feel. The total weight is 75g (2.65oz) and the price is 1,404 yen (tax included).

Demel "Assorted Cookies (Spring)
Assorted Cookies (Spring)


"Sachertorte" is synonymous with Demel. It is a famous confectionary representing Vienna, invented in 1832 by Franz Sach, who served in the residence of Austrian Prime Minister Metternich. The Demel's has a triangular chocolate seal and the Hotel Sach's has a round seal, which tells its history. With its elegant appearance, it is suitable for White Day gifts and spring celebrations.

The price is 3,456 yen for size 3.5 with a diameter of about 10.5 cm, 3,456 yen for size 4 with a diameter of about 12 cm, and 5,616 yen for size 5 with a diameter of about 15 cm.

Demel "Sachertorte"


is a long-established confectioner with a 230-year history that uses the emblem of the Habsburg family, which ruled the Holy Roman Empire, as its brand mark. The brand is characterized by the history of Vienna and the Habsburgs, as well as by its elegant taste and beautiful, romantic packaging.