Aoyagi Sohonke "Frog Manju Sakura An"
(* The source of the image is the official website of Aoyagi Sohonke)

It was announced on the official website that the seasonal flavor "Sakura An" has appeared in the "Frog Manju" of the Aoyagi Sohonke. It will be available for a limited time until mid-April.

The motif of the frog manju is the "mark of the frog that jumps to the willow" of the Aoyagi Sohonke, and each part that looks like the eyes and mouth of the frog is hardened by hand by a craftsman.

This seasonal flavor is a seasonal dish that is carefully kneaded with slightly salty cherry blossom leaves and finished with a rich flavor. It can be purchased at the official online store of Aoyagi Sohonke, and the selling price is as follows. All notations include tax. A separate shipping fee will be charged.

・ 3 pieces 432 yen ・ 6 pieces 843 yen

Both can be ordered in combination with the same size set of frog buns with normal flavor, and can be received with a tubular package "set sleeve" that opens at both ends. In addition, the 3-piece set is shipped without the wrapping paper or Noshi. If you need Noshi paper in a set of 3 pieces, you can send it with us.