Lawson "Tokushima Ramen Sanpachi"

"Tokushima Ramen Sanpachi" and "Chugoku Soba Sanpachi Supervised Tokushima Ramen" supervised by Tokushima Prefecture's popular ramen shop "Chugoku Soba Sanpa" will be released on February 16 at Lawson stores in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. Will be done. This is the first time that Lawson and Sanpachi China Soba have collaborated to release a product.

"China Soba Sanpachi" is a popular long-established ramen shop that opened its first shop in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture in 1969, and now has three shops in Tokushima Prefecture. It features a golden soup that is lightly finished using pork bones and chicken bones, medium-thin straight noodles, and chewy pork char siu.

"Tokushima Ramen Sanpachi" is an instant noodle that reproduces the restaurant's popular menu "China Soba". The golden soup, which is synonymous with "Sanhachi," is reproduced by combining special seasoning oil based on pork bones and chicken bones. The noodles are crispy medium-thin noodles, and the ingredients are topped with char siu, menma, and green onions. The price is 298 yen (tax included).

Lawson "Tokushima Ramen Sanpachi"

"Tokushima Ramen, supervised by Sanpachi China Soba" is a chilled noodle that reproduces the popular menu "China Soba". It features a light and thick soup using pork bones, chicken bones, and vegetables. The noodles are medium-thin noodles with soup, and the ingredients are topped with boiled eggs, char siu, bean sprouts, menma, and green onions. The price is 498 yen (tax included).

Lawson "Tokushima ramen supervised by Sanpachi China Soba"

As an initiative for mutual customer transfer between Lawson and a restaurant company in Corona Sorrow, if you bring the lid of "Tokushima Ramen Sanpachi" or the label of "Tokushima Ramen supervised by Chinese Soba Sanpachi" to the "Chinese Soba Sanpachi" store, "Homemade mustard" is provided as a topping for ramen. The period is from February 16th to March 31st.