Lawson "Irikora-supervised by wheat seedlings-niboshi soy sauce ramen-" "Golden Chinese noodles supervised by Ginza Hachigo"

At Lawson, range noodles "Mugi Seedling Supervised Irikora-Niboshi Soy Sauce Ramen-" and "Ginza Hachigo Supervised Golden Chinese Soba" will be released on December 14th. Both stores are popular stores that are highly evaluated on gourmet sites and guidebooks, and this is the first time that the convenience store's original range noodles have been supervised.

Supervised by wheat seedlings Irikora-Niboshi soy sauce ramen-

Range noodles supervised by "Homemade Ramen Wheat Seedling", a popular ramen shop in Omori, Tokyo. Inspired by the restaurant's popular menu, "Irikoraa," aged medium-thin straight noodles are combined with a light soup that does not use chemical seasonings and is a blend of two types of dried sardines from Nagasaki Prefecture. Add texture accents to pork shoulder loin, seasoned eggs, menma, green onions, and purple onions and almonds. The price is 550 yen (tax included).

Lawson "Mugi Seedling Supervision Iriko Ramen-Niboshi Soy Sauce Ramen-"

Homemade Ramen wheat seedlings

Opened in Omori, Tokyo in 2016, it is a very popular shop with a continuous line of people every day. No chemical seasonings are used, and it features a light soup made from natural ingredients and homemade noodles.

Supervised by Ginza Hachigo Golden Chinese noodles

Range noodles supervised by Ginza Hachigo, a popular ramen shop in Ginza. It was developed as a Lawson original product with the image of the high-quality soup that is characteristic of the restaurant's "Chinese noodles." Aged thin straight noodles are combined with a clear golden soup that is based on chicken and has the flavor of duck, the umami of shellfish, and the complex umami of dried fish such as shiitake mushrooms. The ingredients are soft char siu, menma, and green onions. The price is 550 yen (tax included).

Lawson "Ginza Hachigo Supervised Golden Chinese Soba"

Ginza Hachigo

A very popular restaurant where the owner from French, who served as the head chef at a famous hotel, wields his skills. It features a high-quality soup that condenses the taste of the ingredients without using sauce.