Floresta "Little Twin Stars White Day Donuts"

"Little Twin Stars White Day Donuts" will be on sale for a limited time from March 1st to 14th at Floresta stores and online stores. The price is 450 yen (excluding tax).

White Day donuts in collaboration with Sanrio's popular character "Little Twin Stars" will be available for 2 weeks only!

Little Twin Stars White Day Donuts

"Little Twin Stars" is a twin sibling star born from the dream star of the Dream Nebula. On a shooting star made of strawberry donuts and white chocolate, which has the image of a fluffy pink cloud, my sister Lara and my younger brother Kiki are sitting together.

All Floresta donuts are color free. Strawberry chocolate using organic strawberry powder is used for the ring part, and it is finished in a donut with a rich scent of sweet and sour strawberries.

White day donuts filled with the cuteness of Kiki & Lara in pastel colors. This donut is recommended not only for giving back White Day, but also as a reward for yourself.