Floresta "Floresta x Tuxedo Sam Collaboration Doughnut".



x Tuxedo Sam Collaboration Doughnut Floresta will sell the "Floresta x Tuxedo Sam Collaboration Doughnut" for a limited time. The sales period is from May 6 to May 28. Available in stores and online. The price is 529 yen per piece (price for To go).

The first item is a round doughnut that has turned into a whole Tuxedo Sam! This cute doughnut holds a large chocolate heart in both hands. The second series will feature a colorful ring doughnut topped with a small, adorable Tuxedo Sam and his little friends.

The first volume, from May 6 to May 16: Heart Hug Sam Heart Hug Pam

The second volume, from May 17 to May 28: Korokoro Sam Korokoro Tam

Tuxedo Sam

is a stylish penguin boy from Tuxedo Island in the Antarctic. He is a gourmand and a bit of a screw-up. He has 365 bow ties. He comes from a family with a long history and has studied abroad in England. He speaks fluent English.