Floresta "Twenty-four Season Series "Sweet Potatoes and Chestnuts""

Floresta will be offering three types of seasonal doughnuts in the "24 Season Series 'Imo/Kuri'" series, which will be available from September 23 to November 6.

Nijushisekki Series "Imo/Kuri" (sweet potato and chestnut)

Floresta "Twenty-four Season Series "Sweet Potatoes and Chestnuts""

In the 24-Season Series "Imo/Kuri", "Mecha Imo Naruto Kintoki", "Japanese Chestnut Kinton" and "Japanese Chestnut Mont Blanc" will be available as autumn flavors.

Japanese Chestnut Mont Blanc

Japanese chestnut mont blanc" is an annual flavor using aromatic Japanese chestnuts. The price is 324 yen per piece (tax included, same below).

Japanese chestnut kinton

The new "Japanese Chestnut Kinton" is filled with a sweet Japanese chestnut red bean paste. The price is 291 yen per piece.

Mechaimo Naruto Kintoki

Mecha-imo Naruto Kintoki" is a new product with a lot of sweet potato "Naruto Kintoki" kneaded into the dough. It is said to have a delightful texture as if you are eating a baked sweet potato itself. The price is 216 yen per piece.

The product may be out of stock during the sales period, depending on the supply of raw materials and stocking conditions. Some stores may not carry the product. For details, please contact each store. All of them are available only in stores.