Floresta "The Bear's School"

Floresta Winnie the Pooh Collaboration D

oughnut Some Floresta stores and online store will sell a collaboration doughnut with the picture book character "Winnie the Pooh". The release date is December 3.



are made in collaboration with Floresta, a doughnut specialty store that focuses on using natural ingredients. The main character Jackie, Jackie's "Shinyu" Chucky, and her good friend David have been made into cute doughnuts that are full of Christmas spirit.

Week 1

: "Jackie Snow," a strawberry doughnut sprinkled with coconut, which is reminiscent of powdered snow, is topped with an adorable Jackie doughnut. The "Jackie and Chucky" features Jackie's ring doughnut with a "Shinyu" Chucky on top.

Floresta "Kuma no Gakko Collaboration Doughnut

They will be on sale from December 3 to 13. The price is 520 yen each (tax included, same as below).

Week 2

: "David Christmas," a ring doughnut featuring David, a good friend of Jackie's, with a Santa hat on his head, and "Jackie Christmas," an image of Jackie's warm Christmas with a Christmas star and Santa hat on the fresh snow.

Floresta "Kuma no Gakko Collaboration Doughnut

They will be on sale from December 14 to 25. Prices are 400 yen for "David Christmas" and 520 yen for "Jackie Christmas.

Novelty gift

: For every one of the Kuma no Gakko collaboration doughnuts purchased at the store, one "Kuma no Gakko Sousouwake Bag" will come with the doughnut! It would be a good gift for the collaboration doughnut.

Order the "Kuma no Gakko Drink Set" sold at some stores and get a "special Christmas message card" as a gift! There are three different designs, and you can't wait to see which one you get! The card is round and can be used as a coaster.

Also, if you order the collaboration doughnut set at the EC store, you will receive a "20th Anniversary Kuma no Gakko Sticker" as a present.

Each present will end as soon as they are gone.