Lotte "white peach custard cake"

Lotte's "Custard Cake", which celebrated its 35th anniversary, will release "White Peach Custard Cake", which is a combination of custard cream and white peach sauce, on February 16th. The content is 6 pieces, and the estimated price is around 300 yen (excluding tax).

From the custard cake, where you can enjoy a combination of fluffy cake and custard cream, a white peach flavor has appeared. In the fluffy cake, the custard cream that you can feel the richness of the egg and the sauce that you can feel the refreshing taste of white peach are combined. Elegant taste with custard cream and sweet and sour white peach sauce.

Lotte "white peach custard cake"

"Custard cake", which is a combination of fluffy cake, whipped custard cream and custard sauce, has been renewed to commemorate the 35th anniversary of its release. In pursuit of the "fluffy feeling of the cake," which is the value unique to custard cake, the cake is finely textured and fluffy.

Lotte "Custard Cake"

The custard cream and custard sauce have been renewed so that you can feel the richness of the eggs. The finish is not too sweet and not heavy, although it is satisfying to eat.