Haagen-Dazs Bar Matcha Croccan

Haagen-Dazs will release a new matcha-based product, "Bar Matcha Croccan," on March 9th. Available nationwide for a limited time.

Bar Matcha Croquembouche

Haagen-Dazs "Bar Matcha Croccan" is a bar ice cream full of matcha that you can enjoy the charm of matcha. The flavorful matcha ice cream is wrapped in a matcha coating studded with matcha cookies that have a bittersweet and crunchy texture. Matcha is used in all ice cream, cookies, and coatings, making it a dish that allows you to enjoy the deep flavor of matcha, such as umami, aroma, and bitterness, along with a crunchy texture.

Ingredient names are cream (raw milk [Hokkaido]), maccha chocolate coating, skim milk concentrate, sugar, maccha cookie, egg yolk, maccha / vegetable lecithin (some include milk components, eggs, wheat and soybeans). The ingredients are non-fat milk solids 8.0%, milk fat 13.5% and egg fat 0.8%.

The content is 80 ml, and the estimated price is 295 yen (excluding tax). Scheduled to be handled at supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, etc. nationwide.