NewDays "Local Curry Fair" store limited
(* The source of the image is the NewDays official website)

It was announced on the official website that the "Local Curry Fair" will be held at NewDays, where retort curries representing each region in Japan are collected. Limited to 4 stores in Tokyo, it will be held from February 8th.

The handling menu and selling price are as follows. All notations include tax. It will end as soon as all of them are gone.

・ Today's soup curry by Yo Oizumi 600 yen [Akita Prefecture]
・ Akita beauty curry of beef tendon and amazake 594 yen [Yamagata]
・ Yamagata Imoni Curry 756 yen [Niigata Prefecture]
・ Bus center curry 540 yen [Ibaraki Prefecture]
・ Koga's Shichifuku Curry 626 yen [Chiba]
・ Lettuce curry of sea breeze and earth 626 yen [Tokyo]
・ Ginza Platinum Curry Beef 972 yen [Saitama Prefecture]
・ Kitamoto tomato curry 540 yen [Nagano]
・ Shinshu Yatsugatake Nobeyama Plateau 3.6 Milk Curry 540 yen [Shizuoka Prefecture]
・ Red Mt. Fuji curry 864 yen ・ Blue Mt. Fuji curry 864 yen [Aichi Prefecture]
・ Oriental Mars Curry 356 yen [Shiga Prefecture]
・ Daikichi Shoten Beef tendon curry 626 yen [Osaka]
・ Charcoal-grilled meat Curry with tamura meat 626 yen ・ Tajimaya lunch Beef tongue curry 572 yen [Hiroshima Prefecture]
・ Kure Navy Tei Nikujaga Curry 432 yen [Kochi Prefecture]
・ Tosa Jiro Curry 648 yen ・ Ryoma Shamo Chicken Curry 648 yen ・ Tosa Akaushi Curry 648 yen [Fukuoka Prefecture]
・ Nile medium spicy curry 399 yen [Kumamoto Prefecture]
・ Kumamoto tomato curry 626 yen

The stores that handle it are as follows.

・ NewDays Ebisu (JR Ebisu Station 1F Ebisu Station West Exit front of the ticket gate)
・ NewDays Koenji (outside the ticket gate on the 1st floor of JR Koenji Station)
・ NewDays Shinjuku (outside the East ticket gate on the B1F of JR Shinjuku Station)
・ NewDays Shinjuku South Exit Central (JR Shinjuku Station 2F South Exit Concourse Center)