"Palmer" chocolate that you can buy at the plaza

Valentine promotion "IT'S OK, I HAVE CHOCOLATE." Is being held until February 14th at PLAZA and MINiPLA nationwide. Sales will end as soon as they are sold out.

Plaza Valentine Promotion "IT'S OK, I HAVE CHOCOLATE."

PLAZA chocolate is pop and colorful. The chocolates of the long-established American manufacturer "Palmer", which can be said to be the representative, are full of humorous ideas in motifs and product names.

・ Your Amazing Card 388 yen (all tax included below)
A maze-shaped chocolate that you can play by rolling a red candy ball. "Maze" is "maze" in English, and this is multiplied by "You are amazing!" Which means "You are amazing!" To "You're a-MAZEing". It was named. Since it is a card, you can also attach a handwritten message.

Palmer Your Amazing Card

・ Cadley Cuties 486 yen
Chocolate with cute dogs, bears, and unicorns holding a bright red heart. The lovely appearance that makes you smile unintentionally is perfect for a small gift that you can easily hand over.

Palmerka Dolly Cuties

・ Jousam Shark 1,080 yen
Shark chocolate with a grin. In the heart on the upper left, "Hook" used for fishing and "Hook = addictive", which means the verb, are applied, and "I'm Hooked" is written. I will. The package has a space for your name.

Palmer Joe Sam Shark

・ Valentine greeting card 432 yen
A greeting card with chocolate that has a unique bright red lip. A cute illustration is designed inside, and there is also a space to write a message.

Palmer Valentine greeting card

・ Truck rubber 756 yen
Milk chocolate in the shape of a powerful pickup truck. There are two types of mechanic design packages.

Palmer truck rubber