Godiva "Premium Cruz Lemon".

Premium Cruz Lemon" from GODIVA will be available from August 1. The price is 1,728 yen (tax included).

Premium Cruz Lemon

Godiva "Premium Cruz Lemon".

One of the "Godiva Monthly Chef's Selection" developed by Godiva with chefs from around Japan. The Nagasaki famous confectionery "Cruz" is used. Created in 1964 by Obama Shokuhin to create a unique confectionary that is neither Japanese nor Western and that symbolizes Nagasaki, the crispy, crunchy dough is covered with chocolate.

Chocolate with lemon powder kneaded into it is covered with dough made from lemon juice produced in Shimabara, Nagasaki Prefecture, and coated with Belgian dark chocolate. The surface is topped with dried Nagasaki lemon fruit.

It will be available at the Amu Plaza Nagasaki store in Nagasaki Prefecture from August 1, at the Amu Plaza Oita store from August 16, and at Godiva limited stores in Kyushu from August 19; from October 1, it will be available at Godiva limited stores in Hiroshima Prefecture and Shikoku, and from October 15, at Godiva limited stores nationwide. Sales periods and stores are subject to change.