Limited time "CoCo Dynasaw" CoCo's richest chocolate in history

The Valentine season limited drinks "CoCo Dynasaw" and "Tapioca CoCo Dynasaw" will be released on February 5th from the global bubble tea brand "CoCo Toka". The price is 520 yen for CoCo Dynasaw and 580 yen for Tapioca CoCo Dynasaw (both tax excluded).

The 2021 Valentine season of CoCo Toka is a drink that uses a lot of chocolate that is irresistible for sweet lovers, with a drink that is very popular in Singapore arranged in a CoCo Toka style.

The first bite has a thick chocolate sauce and a thick texture. Smooth fresh milk in the second mouth. And finally, the crunchy feeling of chocolate and brown sugar powder. It is a drink that you can enjoy not only the appearance but also the difference in texture.

"Dinosaur" is used in the name because it is made of chocolate powder and brown sugar sugar in the image of a volcanic eruption when there were dinosaurs.

・ Product overview "CoCo Dynasaw" 520 yen "Tapioca CoCo Dynasaw" 580 yen [Size] M size only [Sweetness adjustment] possible
[Ice adjustment] Not possible [Hot] Yes [Sales period] Scheduled from February 5th to the end of February

[Sales stores] All 12 stores in Japan Tokyo, Shibuya Center Street store, Shimokitazawa store, Machida store, Shinjuku Alta store, Takada Baba store, JR Harajuku station Takeshita exit store, Ecute Tachikawa store, Akihabara store Saitama prefecture (1 store, Omiya) Raccoon store Osaka prefecture, Namba CITY store, Umeda store Hyogo prefecture, Piazza Kobe store