VIE DE FRANCE "Bere Basque"
(* The source of the image is VIE DE FRANCE official website)

The new menu for February of VIE DE FRANCE has been announced on the official website. Four kinds of sweet bread and two kinds of side dish bread such as "Beret Basque" will appear.

The contents and selling prices of each are as follows. All notations do not include tax.

"Beret Basque" is 222 yen. A pastry-style bread with crispy chocolate topping, bitter chocolate cream wrapped in cocoa dough.

"Danish Fruy (strawberry)" is 315 yen. Danish pastry with custard cream, rare cheese cream and strawberry fruit.

"Danish Mont Blanc (marron with astringent skin)" is 259 yen. It is a Danish pastry of custard cream, whipped cream, and malon cream with astringent skin.

"Yuzu fromage" is 204 yen. A fluffy bread wrapped in a cream cheese filling with yuzu peel.

"Onion gratin bread" is 194 yen. French bread with candy-colored onions and cheese.

"Croque monsieur (spicy a la carte)" is 296 yen. Lots of hot sandwiches with loin ham, egg salad, spinach, tomatoes and taco fillings.