"CUCU Magical Raisin Flavor" Disney Twisted Wonderland Design Product 5th

UHA Mikakuto will release "CUCU Magical Raisin Flavor" designed with the character of "Disney Twisted Wonderland" on February 15th. The content is 60g (2.12oz), and the estimated price is 211 yen (excluding tax).

CUCU is a cube-shaped candy in which two flavors are intertwined in a marble shape, and it is a mysterious candy whose taste changes depending on the angle at which the candy hits the tongue. Taking advantage of this feature, the 5th "Disney Twisted Wonderland" design product was developed.

Inspired by the world of "Disney Twisted Wonderland," the raisin-flavored and milk-flavored marble-shaped candy is made into a luxurious and mature dish with sweet and sour raisins and gentle milk spreading in the mouth.

The package is an attractive design with seven dormitory managers dressed as "Disney Twisted Wonderland" ceremonial clothes on a luxurious purple diamond pattern background.

In addition, the 5th original sticker is a total of 28 kinds of bonus stickers, 22 kinds of all dormitory students of Night Raven College and 6 kinds of school officials. In addition, fans are paying attention to which character appears in the individual wrapping, so 28 types of individual wrapping are made as well as stickers.

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