Shiruko Sand Butter

A new flavor, "Shiruko Sand Butter," has been added to the long-selling product "Shiruko Sand," which has been on sale for more than half a century. It is on sale from February 1st.

What is Shiruko Sand

"Shiruko Sand" released in 1966. From the beginning, it has been popular with many consumers including Aichi prefecture, and this year marks the 55th anniversary. We develop products that meet the needs of the times, such as individual packaging types.

"Shiruko Sand Butter for a limited time" is a flavorful product made by blending 7% of domestic butter in biscuits and baking it fragrantly. A limited-time flavor that is perfect for this time when the scent of butter is still chilly.

Each bag contains 65g (2.29oz), and the estimated price is 150 yen (excluding tax). Scheduled to be available at official online shops, convenience stores, mass retailers, drug stores, retail stores, etc.

Also on sale from the same day, "Ogura Cream Sandwich", which is made by sandwiching smooth and gentle sweetness of Ogura Cream with biscuits with a crunchy texture, and "Kinako Cream Sandwich", which is made by sandwiching fragrant cream with biscuits with a crunchy texture.